Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ulta 3 Colour Your Week Prize Pack

A couple of weeks ago I entered the Ulta3 Colour Your Week competition, which involved uploading a picture of yourself to Ulta3's Facebook page holding one of their polishes, and stating which colour of the rainbow it matches. Pretty simple stuff right? I hope to never see the picture I uploaded ever again though.. Anyway, last week I found out I was a lucky winner and today I had a parcel waiting for me in the mail!

Peach Sherbet, Vanilla Frappe, Mocha Ice

Inside the very prettily wrapped package contained seven polishes matching the colours of the rainbow, and three lip glosses. The lip gloss names sounded drool worthy so I already busted them open to give them a whiff. Now that I literally have every colour of the rainbow I think Im set for a while, Thanks Ulta3!


  1. Yay Monique, what a wonderfully colourful prize hon - you'll have a ball playing around with all these shades, I'm very jealous ha ha ♥

    1. Thanks lovely, Ill definitely have to come up with some crazy and colourful looks! haha x

  2. Wow, what am awesome prize. Have fun with all your colourful goodies, hun :)