Thursday, 8 May 2014

3D Makeup Printers

Yep you read that right! You may have previously heard of 3D printers, and now thanks to Harvard student Grace Choi, a makeup printer is the latest one to hit the market. At $300 each, the home 3D printer is said to print out any makeup item your heart desires, including eyeshadows, blush, creams and liners all at the click of a button. Grace implies throughout the video that the formulas of each category of product (lipstick, blush etc) are the same, and all you do is select any colour from different pictures/photos of makeup you like to print the product. 

At first I started to think that there will be no need to ever hit up the shops again, but after watching the video I began to doubt the system and how well it will satisfy consumers- how will the formulas of each product suit every skin type? Does the the printer make shimmery or matte shadows? Does it cost more for the pans/bottles/lipstick tubes? Don't get me wrong I think its amazing technology, but at the steep price I wonder how well it would succeed when I know I for one Im a sucker for brand names and quality over having every single colour of product.

You can watch the video and read the full article here, and let me know your thoughts!

Monique xx

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  1. This is such a cool concept, it would be awesome to print your own makeup off at home...but yeah, who knows what the quality would be like!