Saturday, 19 March 2016

First Impressions: L'oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

Cushion Foundations seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment! So you can imagine my excitement when BeautyHeaven sent me the Loreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation to try out. It claims to be a weightless foundation that provides build able coverage, with a antimicrobial applicator and convenient 'to go' compact'. 

On first impressions I have to say I absolutely love the adorable packaging, the muted pink metallic container would look lovely in anyones beauty desk or handbag. I selected the shade 01 Porcelain as I'm naturally quite fair and usually the lightest shade available works for me, don't quote me but there only seems to be six shades currently available in Australia, although there appears to be twelve shade options over seas. The liquid is soaked into the sponge inside and the nifty packaging means that you can seal after every use making it handy for travel. The compact only holds 14.6 grams of product which is not much compared to the standard 30ml foundation and considering the $29.95 price tag. 

I used the sponge provided to apply the product in tapping options all over my face. I noticed that the shape of the sponge made it difficult to get into areas such as the nose crease but overall it blended and applied the foundation nicely. Even though they claim the sponge helps prevents bacteria, I just couldn't bring myself to keep the sponge after use and threw it out. I feel a beauty blender would be the best option for applying this foundation, although the supplied sponge would definitely be handy for those who like to touch up their makeup while out. 

L-R: No foundation, One Layer, Two Layers

The coverage after two layers was medium and it provided a nice dewy glow, personally I would still apply concealer to dark circles and any spots but this is definitely a foundation for someone who loves a more natural look. I have fairly normal skin with the occasional oily T- zone and think this foundation works beautifully for me. If I were to head out for the day I would definitely powder, but this foundation does look it's best left dewy and un set in my opinion. If you have dry skin I feel like this foundation would look and feel amazing on you. 

Overall I have to say that this is a very nice natural foundation that lives up to the claims. Personally I couldn't justify the price for the amount of product but this Is super handy and convenient for on the go. If you're after a dewy natural look I would definitely check out the L'oreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you're having a lovely day!

Monique xx

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

February Empties

A few staples and a few new items are in this months empties. I also had a mini clean out and got rid of some old makeup which Is a big step for me as I love using products up until they're empty, but sometimes Its just time for them to go. Here's what I used up this month;

1. Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Conditioning treatment: This came in the most recent Priceline hair goody bag and I have to say I loved it! It left my hair feeling the same as when I use my favourite treatment from the hairdresser. Also I got about 3 uses from the one sachet which Is impressive considering how long my hair is. It's also super Inexpensive so I give this one 2 thumbs up.

2. Schwarzkopf Blonde Toner: I feel like this product should be excluded from future empties posts as I feel like it's in every single one haha, and I just stocked up on another 4 bottles during the Priceline hair goody bag promo. It's a great inexpensive toner so I will continue to keep on repurchasing.

3. Feel Like Honey & Moon Skin base: I tested out this primer a couple of times and it was definitely interesting, had a weird jelly/honey texture and had little gold specks in it that made my skin look dewy. I'm not sure if I like it or not.

4. Jordan Eye Primer: Back in its early days this was a fantastic eye shadow primer especially for eyelids that tend to get oily like mine. Sadly its seen it's day and it's time to hit the bin.

5. Loreal 6 Hour Glam Shine Lipgloss: Me and this lipgloss go way back, in fact it was the first EVER red lip product I purchased, which soon sent me into a red lip wearing frenzy. Back before I knew how much I disliked red lipgloss. It's kind of sad to throw it out but I cringe thinking of what possible bacteria could be in there.

6. Daiso Makeup Brush Cleanser: I went into Daiso one day to pick up the famous gel brush cleanser everyone raves about but turns out it was sold out so I picked up the new alternative version to test out instead. It's a very runny cleanser that almost looks like water, and surprisingly I found it cleaned my brushes very well. Although it did have a strange strong scent that some may find unpleasing. I find baby shampoo more cost effective though so I think I'll be sticking to that to clean my makeup brushes.

7. Swispers Makeup Pads: These were a nice change up from the usual $2 kmart pads I purchase, and I have to say they were such good quality. I still can't justify spending more on little pads I use to apply toner and remove nail polish so I think Ill be sticking to the Kmart ones.

8. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: I have gone through a few of these powders in the past as they are a great everyday setting powder. I sometimes get an oily T- zone and this powder helps prolong that happening.

9. Nip & Fab Dragons Blood Serum/ Skin Moisturiser/ Avon Anew Moisturiser: I got through some more moisturiser samples this month and I would have to say the Sukin was my favourite, purely because I know I'm not putting any nasties on my skin!

Hopefully I will have some more empties next month, especially hair care products as I just have so many! I hope you're having a lovely day and thank you for stopping by my blog.

Monique xx