Saturday, 29 November 2014

November Empties

Hooray November is nearly over! November has been a pretty tough month for me, but hey lets not get into that and instead jump right into my pile of rubbish!

1. Nak Nourishing Shampoo and Conitioner: I love Nak products and this Nourishing range is fantastic for my bleached hair, It makes my hair super soft and it smells amazing. I can't justify purchasing the full sized products as I have about a lifetime supply of shampoo and conditioner to use up.

2. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Toner: An excellent budget friendly toner that I have repurchased multiple times. It is effective at removing brassy tones in the hair although I decided to switch it up and have since purchased a different toner that I'm sure will be included in my next empties post.

3. Schwarzkopf Salon Permanent Extreme Lightener: For a blonde I'm pretty easy when It comes to colouring my hair, In fact I pretty much just buy whatever is on special. This was on sale for a ridiculous $4 so I picked it up and I really honestly wish I had grabbed another 10 packets. This lightened my hair really well and gave me that super light blonde look I'm after.

4. Vagisil and Eve Feminine Wipes: No I'm not having crazy vagina troubles, In my last empties post I mentioned how I don't think I would use these wipes up and Lily from Lily Not Louise mentioned that she uses them to wipe grime off tables- my makeup desk has never been so clean!

5. China Glaze Nail Polish Remover: This is the second bottle of this remover I have used up and I'm glad its finished, a pretty average remover and the green colour weirded me out.

6. Laura Nail Buffer: This buffer has been used for so long so I decided it was time to chuck it and break open a new one.

7. Kmart Makeup Remover Pads: You guys must be sick of seeing these, they make a frequent appearance in my empties posts as they are just so affordable at $2 for a pack off 200 and I use them for so many different things - removing nail polish and makeup, putting on toner etc etc.

Thats everything I got through this month, I'm so excited for December to begin and I'm even more excited for Christmas! Although I know I need to get through some more products before Christmas and my birthday In early January. Are you trying to get through any products before the festive season begins? Thanks so much for stopping by,

Monique xx

Monday, 17 November 2014

FOTD: Cocktail Party Makeup

It was my partners 21st birthday party over the weekend and the theme was cocktail, so I decided on some glamourous makeup with a hint of glitter, heres the products I used!

I'm pretty safe and boring when it comes to my face products, often using the same things. Although some newbies I have been loving recently is the Stila All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten, a stunning highlighter that contains a lighter shimmery shade as well as a bronze shade. I love using the lighter shade for a subtle glow on the top of my cheeks and cupids bow. I have also been testing out the Mac Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone after reading some great reviews on it for oily skin. I have noticed my nose hasn't been going as shiny as quickly although I feel I haven't tested it out enough to give a full opinion on it.

Having oily skin I knew that I needed an excellent base if I wanted to apply glitter onto my eyes and not have it all over my face half way through the night. So what better base could I use other than eyelash glue itself! I did risk losing a few eyelashes although the glitter stuck on fantastically as you can imagine and I found it quite easy. I used the Eyelure eyelash glue and If you have ever used this brand of eyelash glue before you will know that it smells terrible when you first apply it, although I find it to be one of the best eyelash glues on the market so I find the smell is worth bearing through.

The silver glitter I used was only $2 or $3 from the brand L.A Girl available on It has a great dispenser hole that allows you to dip your brush inside, preventing glitter from going absolutely everywhere. I think it's fantastic for the price and I plan on picking up many more colours! Another new product I have been using is the Lash Control Clear Mascara for setting my brows. Apparently its the only mascara on the market that enables you to control the amount of product you use by squeezing the clear tube. I honestly think its a bit gimmicky although it does set my brows nicely. 

I loved incorporating some glitter into the look and thought the cocktail theme was the perfect opportunity to wear it. Let me know if you like to add anything a little extra to your look for those special occasions. Thanks so much for reading!

Monique xx 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Christmas Wish List

Can you believe it's THAT time of the year again!? I absolutely love Christmas time so I decided to do a little post harmlessly sharing what I would love to find under the Christmas tree this year. Who knows you might even find some great gift ideas for friends or family (or yourself hehe). So in no particular order here is my christmas wish list for 2014!

1. YSL Parisienne Eau De Parfum: I'm am a complete and total sucker for gorgeous packaging, so when I first laid my eyes on this perfume bottle I didn't even need to smell it before wanting it in my life. Thankfully It smells just as beautiful as it looks, floral and sophisticated. I would love to add this baby to my current scents although I just can't justify buying it myself when I have sooooo many perfumes already (hint hint santa). It's also hugely discounted at Chemist Warehouse at the moment with the 50ml bottle only being $49.99!

2. Anatasia Beverley Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe: An absolute raved about product that I'm also dying to get my hands on. I wont stop trying out new brow products until I find my absolute holy grail, and I think that this product is definitely a contender! I think the shade 'Taupe' would be a perfect match for my blonde hair. Unfortunately its currently out of stock which is such a shame as the brow pomade's are less than $30 shipped to Australia from

3. Lorac Mega Pro Palette: I'll try not to get too excited over this palette BECAUSE IT'S FRICKEN SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. Why Lorac why, I have been checking amazon like a crazy person but nope I don't think its coming back. I have seen the palette floating around on Ebay although I wouldn't be surprised if fake replicas have been made already. Such a stunning palette that I'll just have to admire through the internet, although I would be extremely happy if santa happened to place the original Lorac Pro Palette under my Christmas tree.

4. Deep Thought Heels in Black: My 21st is coming up in early January and my twin sister and I decided on a Masquerade party. I have already purchased my gown and these heels would be perfect to wear with it. These heels along with many other stunning designs are currently only $30 with free express shipping from

5. Real Techniques 'Nic's Pics' Brush Set: I am a huge fan of real techniques brushes so as soon as I saw this set I knew I had to have it. You can never have enough makeup brushes right! The whole set is around $30 from which I think is an absolute bargain for 5 high quality brushes.

Andddd I'll just add the whole entire Mac store onto this list. That's the items I've had my eye on this year that I would feel very fortunate should santa put one under my tree. Let me know if you have anything on your christmas wish list! 

Monique xx