Monday, 27 April 2015

April Empties

Well It's been nearly 6 weeks in our new house and we still don't have the internet on. But there's absolutely no way in the world I'm not posting my monthly empties, even If I have to connect to McDonalds wifi I will make it happen! So I apologise for the lack of posts but let me make it up to you a little by showing you my beauty rubbish for the month…

1. Nordic Blonde Toner: I have used up many tubes of this toner as I think its fantastic for the price. It removes brassy tones from my hair really well especially considering I bleach my hair myself. I need to pickup a new bottle asap!

2. Loreal Ever Creme Nourishing Mask: This is one of the better cheaper hair masks I have used. Makes my hair nice and soft and smells amazing!

3. Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal: These travel sized shampoo and conditioners are handy for trips away, but I unfortunately don't get to travel much so I'm trying to get through the other 10 bottles I have.

3. Medicos Aloe Fresh Sheet Mask: I'm still relatively new to the world of sheet masks, I find them very strange to put on but this one was quite refreshing and I enjoyed using it.

4. Black Head Pore Strip: I bought a bunch of these from ebay a while ago. The product is a black goo that you put on your face and when you pull it off it supposedly cleans out your pores. This one is fun to use but I don't see much of a result.

5. Biore Pore Strip: Biore pore strips do nothing for me, I'm just trying to use them up.

6. I love Lemons and Limes Bath Creme: I'm obsessed with anything that smells like lemons or limes so I really enjoyed using this body wash, I just wish the bottle was bigger!

7. Oral B 3D White: I don't usually include toothpaste in my empties posts but this one was really great!  Leaves your mouth feeling super fresh and clean.

8. Elf Brow Kit: I used up the Elf brow kit in 'ash' and I'm a little sad to see it go. It's a great formula, super inexpensive and the perfect colour for blondes. I would recommend everyone checks out this product. 

Well thats my empties for this month! Let me know how you did If you're trying to get through your beauty stash, and hopefully I'll be posting regularly again soon!

Monique xx