Saturday, 30 August 2014

August Empties

August has been a pretty crazy month for me, I worked at the 2014 Ekka for the RNA and then simultaneously after months of applying for jobs was offered a position in after school care. So after the Ekka was over I started my new job, but then found out that the RNA also hired me so I have been working two jobs. After/before school care during the week and then catering shifts on the weekend- let just say going from jobless to instantly two jobs has been pretty full on! So I may have not been able to blog much lately although I still managed to get through a good chunk of products in the month of August!

1. Sex In The City body lotion; This came with a perfume set I received as a gift a few years back. It was so old that It didn't even smell perfumed, and the consistency was quite runny. It did moisturise nicely but I definitely wouldn't repurchase and was glad to use it up finally.

2. Simple Kind to Skin wipes; I have used up a few packets of these now and they don't disappoint. They remove makeup well and don't irritate my skin.

3. Crystal roll on deodorant; I purchase most of my natural products including coconut oil and detox tea from, and on one online shopping trip I decided on pick up an aluminium free deodorant. This deodorant was only good to me in the cooler months, I didn't bother using it in summer as It would only last an hour or two. This deodorant prevents odour but allows your skin to sweat, so if you don't like the feeling of damp underarms this definitely isn't for you! But it is great if you want to avoid some nasty chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer. If you have any natural deodorant recommendations please let me know in the comments below!

4/5. Epochas Firming serum and cream; When I initially received these two products I was super excited at the thought of being able to hopefully reduce some inches on my thighs. The kit came with a measuring tape to keep track throughout the process. I measured the thickest part of my thigh on day one and again once I had used up the products. And yep you guessed it- no difference! These products are pricey, the packaging was horrible (the serum leaked and pump didn't work) and I didn't see a difference so In my opinion I wouldn't buy them.

6. Ulta3 Nail Colour in Twinkle Toes; This glitter polish dried out and and went goopy, I have another polish that is pretty much identical so it was time for this one to go.

7. Nutrideep Multiplier; This was included in the hair dye I used last month although I only used it up recently. I wouldn't call it a conditioner, but rather a non-permanent dye I guess? It freshened up my hair in-between dying and made it super shiny, I really enjoyed it!

8. Ever Blonde shampoo sample; If you have been reading my empties posts then you would have seen a couple of these, I finally finished the last one this month. A great purple shampoo that I would definitely repurchase If I ever get through all the shampoos I currently have.

9. Rimmel Match Perfection foundation; I really enjoyed using this foundation, I mixed it with my darker Revlon colour stay to make the perfect shade for my skin. I will definitely repurchase as I think its a great every day foundation, even for my combo skin!

10. Reese's Lip balm; My best friend brought this back from America last year, I love Reece's chocolate so I was super excited to use it. It didn't really smell like peanut butter but it was still super yum to use. It's always such a good feeling to finish up a lip balm!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading about my empties. Has August flown by for you too? I can't believe its nearly September already!

Monique xx

Monday, 18 August 2014

Come Play With Me: Winter Into Spring

When I think of spring beautiful flowers are the first thing to come to mind, bright and all different colours. So when the lovely Kats from Kat's Colourings decided on the new theme 'Winter Into Spring' for The Come Play With Me series, I was slightly stumped, but eventually decided to pay tribute to one of my favourite bright colours, orange!

Orange lipstick is one of my absolute favourite colours to wear, so I decided on showing two from my collection that are extremely comparable in terms of looks, although complete opposites when it comes to price. The Colour by TBN moisturising lipstick in the shade 'Kiss and Makeup' is a beauty I stumbled upon last year. At first glance I thought they were the Revlon Lip Butters, although after closer inspection they were nothing like the lip butters in terms of consistency, but instead very moisturising, opaque lipsticks. At $2.50 each from most chemists, I have since picked up another, they are so cheap and so good it's hard not to purchase them all! I have seriously fallen in love with these lipsticks and its pretty crazy that I find them extremely comparable to my Nars Satin Lip Pencil.

Top: TBN  Bottom: Nars
I own the shade 'Timanfaya' in the Nars satin lip pencil and it's another one of my favourites. As you can see in the comparison photo, the colour pay off and vibrancy from the two lip products is almost identical. If anything the TBN lipstick is slightly creamier and less 'in your face'. When wearing this shade out I'll often apply the Nars pencil at home, and then use the TBN lipstick for touchups out and about in case I damage or lose the pencil. Lets be honest having to replace a $2.50 lipstick rather than a $34 one is a lot less heart breaking! Although If you do decide to splurge, the Nars lip pencil is definitely worth it and is available here.

Why stop at orange lips when I can have orange nails too! These four are the oranges I have in my collection, I went for a more toned down orange today and chose the shade 'Barbados' by Rokk 96. It's a lovely burnt orange shade that applies opaque after one coat, sadly my nail painting skills weren't up to scratch today so you'll just have to ignore my horrific efforts!

And to finish off my orange tribute I decided to add an orange flush to my cheeks. My pick is the Fox in a Box blush by Hard Candy in the shade 'Skinny Dipping', a very suitable name considering the spring theme!

These blushes are gorgeous and I wish they were more accessible in Australia! I purchased mine from and I haven't looked back since. The two shades can be used separately or together, I personally like a combination of the two. It gives my cheeks a perfect soft orange glow that complements orange lips so well without over doing it. 

Despite it still being winter, orange is a colour I'll rock all throughout the year! If you haven't already definitely check out Kat'sIndie's and Hailey's stunning takes on the theme. Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you have any orange beauty favourites!

Monique xx

Monday, 11 August 2014

Current Hair Care Products

Apologies for seeming to have fallen of the face of the earth the past week. I have been working for the Brisbane Ekka and have been flat out catering functions and selling enough dagwood dogs to feed another country. I'll definitely be making a post sharing my experience at the Ekka but for the mean time I thought I would share what current hair care products I'm using, before I have to leave for work again!

I'm pretty boring when It comes to shampoo and conditioner, for the last 6 months or longer I have been using the Tresemme Colour Thrive blonde shampoo and Moisture Rich conditioner. The 900ml bottles last me for ever especially considering I usually only wash my hair every three days, and I feel that the two really help keep my damaged bleached hair at bay. Although, as my hair pretty much soaks up as much moisture as It can get, I like to spray the Silk Oil of Morocco leave-in conditioning spray into my damp hair after washing. I think the morrocon oil helps the condition of my hair, but overall I just like the smell of the product and the wavy curls it creates. And of course Coconut Oil is amongst the products I use, I like to do a deep treatment at least once every two weeks, so I'll put this coconut oil  by Cococare In my hair for about an hour, once rinsed out I feel like I could be in a shampoo advertisement, it makes your hair so soft and I truly believe there isn't a better product for your hair!

As I bleach my hair myself, I use purple products to avoid any nasty brassy colours. I particularly like the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Blonde toner, It's easy just to chuck in my hair for a few minutes before conditioning and It definitely helps eliminate any brassiness. Just for extra measure I like to mix a pea size amount of the Paint box purple haze fudge into my conditioner, this is left over from dying my hair bright purple all over when I was younger, so I like to use it up by creating a purple conditioner with the Tresseme moisture rich. I have to be careful when mixing the two as if I'm not thorough I'll have splotches of purple In my hair! Heat styling doesn't happen often as my hair is quite dry, but when I do heat style I always use a heat protectant, the one I'm currently using is the Tresseme spray, It has the best application nozzle for applying all over your hair! And last but not least is Bastiste dry shampoo, It saves me in-between washing if my hair doesn't look as fresh as Id like it to be,  I love the smell too, I will forever repurchase!

Well that is all the hair care products I'm currently using, I like to switch it up by using a hair care sample in-between products, but other than that I'm pretty boring! Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll find the time to be posting regularly again soon!

Monique xx

Friday, 1 August 2014

EOTD: Smokey Blues

I wasn't sure about uploading this one as I totally failed at getting any decent photos of my eye makeup, as the sun went down faster than I expected. Regardless of the bad photography I thought I would share anyway as after all what have I got to lose!

I seem to be embracing colourful eyes a lot lately! I wore a dark blue dress out for dinner last night and really wanted to use one of my favourite eyeshadows, 'Frosted Ocean' by NYX. Ignore my shocking nails, but Frosted Ocean is a beautiful shade from Nyx that I wish I could wear more often. It's an insanely pigmented rich blue, packed with light blue glitters. 

Firstly I put the Maybelline colour tattoo in Too Cool on the lid as a base so that the colours really popped, followed by the blue shade from the Nars China Seas eyeshadow duo on the inner corner of my eye. For the star of the show, I packed Frosted Ocean heavily all over the lid, getting blue fallout all over my face was inevitable considering the glitter in this shadow, but in my opinion it's worth it for the colour pay off. I blended everything out and focused on the outer corner with the Bloom single eyeshadow in Ash, which is exactly like the name - a grey ashy colour. And when you think there couldn't be anymore blue, I added the Nars long wear liner in Gratis onto my water line. Ofcourse the look was finished with a thick winged eyeliner as always, mascara and some half lashes.

I loved wearing this blue eyeshadow combo and the whole night I continued to sing 'Im blue ba da di da da die'. Thanks for stopping by my blog and bearing through the bad photography, be sure to let me know if you're a fan of blue eyeshadows!

Monique xx