Wednesday, 9 March 2016

February Empties

A few staples and a few new items are in this months empties. I also had a mini clean out and got rid of some old makeup which Is a big step for me as I love using products up until they're empty, but sometimes Its just time for them to go. Here's what I used up this month;

1. Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Conditioning treatment: This came in the most recent Priceline hair goody bag and I have to say I loved it! It left my hair feeling the same as when I use my favourite treatment from the hairdresser. Also I got about 3 uses from the one sachet which Is impressive considering how long my hair is. It's also super Inexpensive so I give this one 2 thumbs up.

2. Schwarzkopf Blonde Toner: I feel like this product should be excluded from future empties posts as I feel like it's in every single one haha, and I just stocked up on another 4 bottles during the Priceline hair goody bag promo. It's a great inexpensive toner so I will continue to keep on repurchasing.

3. Feel Like Honey & Moon Skin base: I tested out this primer a couple of times and it was definitely interesting, had a weird jelly/honey texture and had little gold specks in it that made my skin look dewy. I'm not sure if I like it or not.

4. Jordan Eye Primer: Back in its early days this was a fantastic eye shadow primer especially for eyelids that tend to get oily like mine. Sadly its seen it's day and it's time to hit the bin.

5. Loreal 6 Hour Glam Shine Lipgloss: Me and this lipgloss go way back, in fact it was the first EVER red lip product I purchased, which soon sent me into a red lip wearing frenzy. Back before I knew how much I disliked red lipgloss. It's kind of sad to throw it out but I cringe thinking of what possible bacteria could be in there.

6. Daiso Makeup Brush Cleanser: I went into Daiso one day to pick up the famous gel brush cleanser everyone raves about but turns out it was sold out so I picked up the new alternative version to test out instead. It's a very runny cleanser that almost looks like water, and surprisingly I found it cleaned my brushes very well. Although it did have a strange strong scent that some may find unpleasing. I find baby shampoo more cost effective though so I think I'll be sticking to that to clean my makeup brushes.

7. Swispers Makeup Pads: These were a nice change up from the usual $2 kmart pads I purchase, and I have to say they were such good quality. I still can't justify spending more on little pads I use to apply toner and remove nail polish so I think Ill be sticking to the Kmart ones.

8. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: I have gone through a few of these powders in the past as they are a great everyday setting powder. I sometimes get an oily T- zone and this powder helps prolong that happening.

9. Nip & Fab Dragons Blood Serum/ Skin Moisturiser/ Avon Anew Moisturiser: I got through some more moisturiser samples this month and I would have to say the Sukin was my favourite, purely because I know I'm not putting any nasties on my skin!

Hopefully I will have some more empties next month, especially hair care products as I just have so many! I hope you're having a lovely day and thank you for stopping by my blog.

Monique xx


  1. How amazing is that rimmel stay matte powder? I love it! It's one of my staple products xx

    1. Always got to have one in my makeup bag! xx

  2. i know exactly what you mean, such a tough gig throwing out unfinished products. I've been amazingly slow this month and barely racked up any empties :(

    Lily not Louise

    1. It can definitely be hard! I think the only thing that gets me motivated to use up products is blogging my empties!