Monday, 15 February 2016

January Empties

I have been slack updating my blog recently, going through some stressful times combined with a bad head cold meant that blogging wasn't a priority but I am keen to get back into it! I didn't get through as many products I would've liked last month but here they are none the less;

1. Lapurete mild creme face cleanser: This is a natural and very gentle face cleanser that was creamy and soft on the skin. It was a little too gentle for me so I used it as a 'pre wash' to help remove any makeup still on my face.

2. PureTan pure bronze rapid tan: This tan is supposed to give you a deep tan after only one hour of developing. The first time I tried it out I applied the product only to my stomach, it looks instantly dark and intimidating when you apply it so I was definitely hesitant as I am very fair. I applied my regularly used tan to the rest of my body and let it develop over night rather than just one hour. I woke up and after rinsing the pure bronze was a nice natural tan on my stomach. So I decided to test the 1 hour claim and had enough product left in the sample to cover my whole body, after rinsing despite the initial product looking very dark and scary I was actual left with nice natural tanned skin. The product also fades nicely and doesn't smell unpleasant so I would definitely pick a full size of this up!

3. Frangipani & Vanilla Hand soap: I was out of hand soap at home so I picked up the first one I could find, this one was from kmart and was on clearance for 25 cents, probably should have picked up a few more as it smelt really nice! The packaging isn't really my style but for 25 cents I definitely didn't mind using it as a refill for my ceramic dispensers.

4. Benefit They're Real mascara: A cult favourite, this mascara is lovey the first few weeks its open but for me It dried out very fast. If you want to splurge its nice but I personally don't think its worth the price tag.

5. Nip & Fab exfoliator face pads: I really enjoyed using these pre soaked pads before bed. They made my skin feel refreshed and were super convenient. I really recommend these.

6. Aveda thickening conditioner: Another product that didn't live up to the price tag for me. I absolutely loved that its made from natural ingredients but If I'm going to spend $50 on a thickening conditioner I'm going to expect it to thicken my hair. It smelt lovely and made my hair soft but yeah, I'm on the fence about this one.

7. Kevin Murphy anti gravity: This sample came with an Adore beauty order and I was excited to try it as I'm always trying to add volume to my hair. I was able to use the sample once before the product went all weird in the sachet. Kinda bummed as I really didn't get a good judgement out of once use. Smelt nice though!

8. Kmart makeup remover pads: These have been in so many of my empties posts, they are super inexpensive and I use them a lot to apply toner and remove nail polish, I will continue to purchase them.

9. Random loofah and rectangle beauty sponges: Sponges are just handy to have in your makeup collection and I finally used up this 20 pack that I have had for a few years. I also decided it was time to retire a loofah and replace it as you do every so often. 

That's all my January empties, hope February is being kind to you all!

Monique xx


  1. have you tried anything else from nip & fab? I'm very curious and keen to try their stuff but I have soooo much skincare piled in my stash. :/

    Lily @ Lily not Louise

    1. I haven't yet but i think i should! And I know how you feel, skincare and haircare for days!!