Saturday, 2 January 2016

December Empties

My last empties for 2015! It's so satisfying going through all my empties posts from the year to see how many products I got through, and I plan to try and use up a lot more in 2016! Here are my empties for December;

1. Carry On Facial Cleansing Wipes: These face wipes were very thin and too wet, I wouldn't recommend them for travelling or anything at all for that matter. 

2. Target Facial Wipes: I really like these wipes as they remove my makeup effectively and don't irritate my skin. This month I decided to try out the Kmart brand for comparison and don't think Ill be picking up these ones again for a while.

3. Colgate Max White One Toothpaste: I don't generally include toothpaste in my empties posts although I do like to review ones that claim to be whitening. I didn't notice much In a difference whilst using this toothpaste, although I think it did prevent staining from coffee.

4. Hi Lift Blue Powder Bleach: After getting into using powder bleach and developer I will never go back to buying box dyes. I save so much money and can get so many applications out of one container. If anyone wants a more in depth post on how I bleach my hair please let me know and I can do one for you.

5. LA Girl Pro Conceal: I'm sorry but I don't really understand the hype based around this concealer. It's nice for everyday and blends well but for me personally it is no where as good as Mac Pro Long wear as most people claim. This concealer creases under my eyes and the brush tip applicator grossed me out.

6. LA Colours Pressed Powder: This was a very inexpensive powder that set my foundation nicely. I didn't have any issues with it besides the lid breaking off after a few uses.

7. Revlon Nail Files: I did my own acrylics a few weeks back and absolutely destroyed these two Revlon nail files and a random one in the process. They were all brand new so I'm surprised they didn't last very long. I think I should invest in an electronic nail filer. 

8. Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara: This was a very average mascara and it didn't wow me at all. Was alright for work and day to day tasks. 

9. Schwarzkopf Miracle Oil and 3 Step Ultimate Repair System: I was actually impressed with all of these products, my hair felt lovely after the deep treatment and the hair oil smelt amazing. If I can ever get through the huge stash of hair stuff I have I will definitely take another look at the full sized products.

10.  Neutrogena Grapefruit Face wash: I really enjoyed using this face wash, It smells fresh and left my face feeling super clean.

The other samples I got through I didn't enjoy at all, the palmers skin therapy oil despite smelling lovely was just too oily for me (and I've tried a lot of oils) and the body wash and cleansing gel were both too boring for my liking. But anyway thats all the products I got through in December. I want to personally thank all my readers for the support since starting up my blog, I truly appreciate it and look forward to more content in 2016!

Monique xx


  1. Ive been wondering what the hype around LA girl concealer is too!!! I was almost tempted to purchase one because of the hype - thanks for clearing that up :)

  2. You won't believe how many times I added la girl concealer from crush cosmetics but just could not b bothered paying for it ☺️ And I'm glad I did not
    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  3. Nice amount of products finished, hun xx