Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Elf Cosmetics Haul

I recently made an order on Iherb using my referral points, meaning I only paid $4.50 postage for all these products (woohoo!). Since Iherb has recently got a huge selection of elf products in I decided I wanted to try some more out. Their eyebrow kit in Ash also happens to be a holy grail product of mine so I guess I set high expectations. Despite using my referral points, everything pictured is priced under $3, so these definitely won't break the bank!

I wanted to get some more brushes so I chose the Elf mineral powder brush, contour brush and complexion brush. My first impression is that these are amazing quality for $3 each! They feel super soft and well made, I guess only time will tell whether they are good or not though. I also bought the lip liner and blending brush duo in 'Natural' a deep nude colour. Another product I was impressed with at first - theres a lip brush attached to end that is so soft and I can't imagine it will blend but it will apply lipsticks beautifully.

With the eyebrow kit being one of my favourite products I decided to try out another brow product from Elf, the Eyeshadow lifter and filler. This is another duo ended product with the brow colour on one end and a light highlight colour on the other. I actually tried this out today and I found the pencil to be far too soft to apply straight from the tube, so I ended up using a brush to prevent looking like I rubbed chunky dirt through my brows. The highlight end was also a bit of a disappointment as it was darker than my natural skin tone despite it being the shade 'Ivory',  so there was definitely no highlight effect.

And lastly I got two face products, the Elf high definition under eye setting powder and clarifying pressed powder. I am excited to use these products as I have heard really great reviews about both! The clarifying powder was only $2 and contains salicylic acid which is interesting, hopefully it performs well, I'll definitely be tossing out the little powder puff that comes with it though. I also really don't understand the point of the little brush included with the under eye powder- thats not even big enough to set a Bratz doll's under eye area.

Anyway thats everything I picked out, If you have any favourites from Elf or want a more in depth review on a product mentioned please let me know!

Monique xx

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