Friday, 16 May 2014

EOTD: Purple Smokey Eye

Last night was my partner's sisters (geez can I just say sister in law already) Tafe charity event, and I decided to step away from my signature red lipstick and simplistic eyes and go for a little more colour. Wearing a dark purple top, this is the look I went with!

I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'Too Cool' to make the colours more vibrant, and the stars of the show were the bright and dark purple in my MUA 'Glamour Nights' palette.

I quite like how it turned out and I think ill be doing colour on the eyes more often! But I don't think I can abandon my red lipstick for long, we go way back. Anyway please Let me know your thoughts! :)

Monique xx


  1. So beautiful, Monique. However, with your peepers, you probably can't go wrong! xx

  2. Thank you lovely ladies!! :) x

  3. Well Monique I think you and colorful eye make up were absolutely made for each other - this is just gorgeous and you have such beautiful eyes hon. Hope to see lots more looks from you and soon too. I'm so impressed with MUA shadows ♡

    1. You're too lovely Kat, thank you! And I'm impressed too, love how affordable yet affective MUA products are :) xx