Monday, 19 May 2014

Current Skincare Products

Today Im giving you a peek into my shower life, who's excited!

I enjoy reading about what products work for other people, as I myself don't really branch out into the skincare world much, so when I invest money into a product I want to know It's going to work for me. Ive only just gotten into using skincare religiously in last year and a half or so, and these are the current products I'm using.

Dermalogica Microfoliant $69,  Natures Organics Light Moisturiser

I was lucky enough to receive the Dermalogica Microfoliant in my Best In Beauty prize pack I won from BeautyHeaven. This product is a daily exfoliant thats in a powder form, you mix a little bit with water to create a paste and rub it all over your face (obviously). This makes my skin feel super clean and smooth, and you receive a lot of product for the price which is great. That being said $69 is a fair stretch for me, I have already repurchased a travel size though for when I run out. Overall this is quite a nice daily scrub which I believe would suit all skin types.

The Natures Organics light moisturiser is a product I love to use. First of all its cheap as chips, ($3 I think?) has a pump and moisturises without making my skin oily. I use this as my day moisturiser, as I have combination skin usually resulting in a oily T-zone if I use anything too heavy. This moisturiser formula is also 97% plant derived, fragrance and cruelty free- need I say more?

Neway's Balancing cleanser, Olay Regenerist Cleansing system $32.49

To be honest I have had the Neway's balancing cleanser for yonks. My Mum gave it too me back when I didn't give a crap about skincare and I've only decided to use it up recently. Probably gonna die from using it considering how old it is but oh well at least I'll die with a clean face.

Any cleanser I use I will use it in conjunction with my Olay Regenerist cleansing brush. Everybody and their mother have heard about these, and there is a billion on the market now. I really enjoy using this device as I honestly think it cleans the skin so much deeper compared to just using your hands. Ive also dropped this in the shower multiple times, had the cap fall off and the batteries fall out into water and it still works! If thats not water resistant I don't know what is. 

John Plunkett Gylco Peel $30, Trilogy Rosehip oil $30, Clinique Even Better Eyes  $50

The John Plunkett Gylco Peel is another product I love as it truly works. When I first read 'peel' I was slightly scared, until I used it and realised nothing peels at all. The serum type formula is used before applying moisturisers and removes the outer layer of dead skin. This product is 25% Gylcolic acid, so not recommend for those with super sensitive or dry skin. Me however, I would bath in this stuff! The next morning I wake up and my skin looks so much brighter and blemishes virtually disappear, even my pores are reduced in size. As much as I love it, I stick to the directions of only using it every second week, to give my skin a bit of a rest.

Trilogy is another brand I adore with their Rosehip oil being a staple for me. I use two drops as my night time moisturiser, which covers my whole face and neck. This gives me super smooth skin and has even made my eyelashes longer. I'm also looking forward to the long term effects from using this product as I have already noticed some scars starting to fade.

To finish off I use my Clinque Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector. Another goody I received in my BIB prize pack, and another product I would probably never purchase as $50 for an eye cream is just ridiculous to me. This is a really nice eye cream though don't get me wrong, I especially love the metal tip as when you apply to your eye it creates the most lovely cooling sensation. I fortunately don't have major under eye concerns just yet, but I'll still continue to use this product. 

So thats the current skincare products I'm using, let me know if you're using any of the same and what you think of them! Or if you have any holy grail products let me know as I'd love to check them out.

Monique xx


  1. I'm still looking for my holy grail skincare products! My problem is that I probably don't give products a chance to work to their best. I'm worried I'll miss out on something spectacular, there's just so much choice available, lol

    1. haha I know how you feel, theres definitely too much choice! Im still waiting to find that one product that makes my skin look awesome!! Hopefully one day haha