Thursday, 5 February 2015

January Empties

I was fortunate to receive a lot of christmas and birthday beauty goodies as you can see in my most recent posts, so I was glad to get through some items in the month of January to make some space for all the new items! Here's what I got through;

1. Nordic Blonde L101 Lightener: The same box dye was in my December empties and I loved it so much that I of course repurchased. I love how white it made my hair as well as how cheap it is so I would definitely buy it again.

2. Elucent Night Moisturiser sample: I didn't notice any difference in my skin using this moisturiser, although it was very hydrating and didn't leave any residue so thats a plus. I feel it would be more suited to mature skin types.

3. Mitchum Roll On Deodorant in Powder Fresh: Lost count of how many times I have repurchased this deodorant, never fails me and I won't ever be without it.

4. Mitchum Advanced Control Deodorant: No I dont stink lots and go through two lots of deodorant a month, after I used up my roll on I thought I would try out the Mitchum spray version and after a week it somehow leaked everywhere until it was empty. Regret, so much regret.

5. Unbranded False Eyelashes: This is kind of cheating being an 'empty' as I usually include my used lashes in other empties post's but I thought It would be good to show the packaging they come in. I buy all my false lashes off ebay in these packs of 10, there is lots of styles to choose from and they range in price from $3-$5. If you love fake eyelashes like me then you need to get on ebay asap!

6. Elf Mineral Infused Primer: An inexpensive decent primer, Ideal for everyday.

7. Chap Stick Night Repair: This lip balm just didn't do it for me. So glad to have finished it up, although I still have the day version to get through too, sigh.

8. Sex in The City Perfume sample: Ugh this just leaked through my suitcase when I went to Bali. I have a full size of this perfume that I have been trying to use up for years now. I don't know why I just don't save my self the torture and throw it in the bin but you know I'm a crazy beauty product user-upper-er.

9. Maybelline Master Precise Liner: I really enjoyed this liner at first as it made a super crisp jet back line, but I found it just couldn't keep up with my thick cat eyes and ran out extremely fast.

10. Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation: I actually quite like this mineral foundation, it was quick to apply and gave my skin a light to medium coverage which I enjoy for work. I would consider repurchasing if I can ever get through all the other foundations I own.

This month I was really glad to use up a few of the products that I own way too much of; perfume, foundation and lip balm! Let me know if you have any products you're desperately trying to get through!

Monique xx


  1. Good job getting through all these empties, hun.
    I'm the same with being obsessed about using products up, even if I am not a fan. Unless it causes some kind of reaction, I'll keep using it until its gone, then I am extremely happy :)

  2. Good job going through products! I've never checked out Ebay for falsies, but I should consider it.

    1. Thankyou, and definitely check it out- theyre so cheap! :)

  3. I have millions of lip glosses too and moisturisers mostly. I seem to have accumulated a heap of foundations lately as well. Looking forward to your next month's empties! :)

    1. Oh gosh Im so over moisturises but I've got to power through lol. I look forward to yours too!