Sunday, 25 January 2015

Birthday Beauty Haul

So I've been super slack on the blogging front as of late, and I leave the country tomorrow so I figured I better get my but into gear and put up the post I've been meaning to blog about for a while now. My 21st was earlier this month and I was very fortunate to receive some amazing gifts from family and friends, quite a few of them beauty related so I thought I would share with you all what I got!

I was super excited to receive some Lush goodies this year and in particular the Snow Fairy shower gel and Godmother soap. Both these scents are so sweet and delicious that I don't ever want to use them up! Another EOS lip balm was an awesome surprise as I'm loving the one I received for Christmas, and I also received a Tony Moly Caviar Face mask which I can't wait to use! I honestly wear red nail polish 95% of the time so when I was gifted the OPI nail polish in 'Got the blues for red' you can imagine my excitement, I'll be rocking this colour all year round.

Perfume obsessed me was so overjoyed to receive this Versace Bright Crystal perfume set. It came with the perfume, a body lotion and shower gel that all smell amazing. The box itself also came in super handy for makeup storage (which I definitely need more of after this Christmas and birthday).

If you love sweet perfumes with vanilla notes you have to go try the Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid. I smelt it once in a chemist and fell in love straight away, so I was so excited that my partner picked it up for me for my birthday! I also got some Mac goodies including the famous Ruby Woo lipstick (being a red fan I don't know how this wasn't in my life already) and the blush in 'Full Of Joy', which is a light pinky purple colour- I'm obsessed with it.

I also received this Stefan daily hair kit which includes a sulphate, salt, and allergen free shampoo, conditioner and treatment. I'm usually quite cheap when it comes to shampoo and conditioner so I'm super excited to treat my hair with these goodies!

Speaking of hair, when talking to my twin sister about our birthday gifts for each other I mentioned I didn't really need anything other than bleach and developer. I usually just use box dyes but recently decided to make the switch and save some money in the process. So I was glad to receive these as It will last me a few applications and have me looking blonder than ever!

And last but certainly not least I received the glorious Naked 3 palette. The same friend actually gifted me the Naked 1 a couple of years ago so now theres a joke running that she has to get me the Naked 2 as well (I wouldn't complain Rachel). I'm still in disbelief that I own this palette, it's so beautiful and I can't wait to create so many looks with it.

I was absolutely blown away by the generosity of family and friends this birthday, and tomorrow I finally get to enjoy the present from my family which is a trip to Bali! Thank you all so much for reading and I promise I'll be back into full swing soon!

Monique xx


  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday!!! How good is Snow Fairy? I am addicted to that stuff!

    Have a good holiday too x

  2. Have fun in Bali! So jealous of all your pressies!! I used that same hair dye stuff when I was bleaching my hair... many years ago! It saves you a bucket load and it is the strongest stuff ever for making your hair super light! Happy (belated) 21st!! :D

  3. Happy belated birthday, beautiful! You got some gorgeous presents, I hope you enjoy everything! I have the same EOS balm and love that it tingles slightly on application. :)

    I thought that the NP3 would be my favourite, but surprisingly it's the NP2! Looks like you'll have to drop some hints to your friend for next year. :)

    Enjoy Bali!