Thursday, 12 February 2015

Mo's Lowdown: 1000 Hour Eyelash Dye Kit

Time for a good old Lowdown and today its about the 1000 Hour eyelash and brow dye kit. I was a few days prior leaving for my Bali trip and decided to pick up one of these kits to see if it would make my invisible eyelashes more prominent, as I knew makeup would sweat off over there and I would be doing a lot of swimming whilst on holiday. I chose the colour natural black, as I thought it would be the best colour for my lashes compared to the other options at my local Priceline, charcoal and blue black.

The pack came with the dye, a developer liquid and a little mixing tray and tool. I mixed the two products together before using one of my own disposable mascara wands from my makeup kit to apply the product to my lashes.

The first thing I noticed was that this product does definitely sting, It states on the box that this is a normal reaction so I wasn't worried and persisted with the application, although I would be weary of trying out this product if you have sensitive eyes. I waited 20 minutes and noticed some of the dye staining around my eyes- should have payed attention to the instructions about applying vaseline prior but whoopsie. I then rinsed my eyes under the sink and observed the results;

It may look like the brightness has changed in the after photo although I was in the process of developing a fake tan, so the results are very true to colour. Being a fan of dramatic lashes myself I wasn't super excited about the results although I could definitely see a difference. I can say that it was nice having slightly darker lashes while I was in the pool or snorkelling whilst on holiday, although I'm not totally sure if for me personally its worth the money or hassle. 


  • Easy Application Process
  • 12 six - week applications for $18.99
  • Can apply in the comfort of your own home
  • Great for those who want to enhance their lashes  

  • Very subtle difference
  • Irritates the eyes

I can definitely see why this product would be such a hit for those who want to tint their brows or lashes at a fraction of the cost, although for myself I think the result is a little too natural. I want to try out the blue black dye in the range next as I feel that would really make my lashes pop, and give me that look I'm after. Overall testing out the 1000 hour eyelash and brow dye kit was an enjoyable experience, and the simple application process plus the amount of product you get for the price definitely makes the kit worth it.

Thanks so much for reading and do let me know if you have tried this product!

Monique xx


  1. I've been buying this for years: black for lashes & dark brown for brows. The brows make a big difference because every tiny, invisible brow hair becomes visible. The lashes look better the closer you can get the dye to the lash line, it looks like I've got a thin black line of liner if I do it close enough. I use the same bottle of developer with the two different colours, just to make the other bottle last longer.
    Your pic looks like you haven't mixed the two parts together enough. I made this mistake in the beginning too. Mix them together until they form a kind of foamy texture - I wish they said this in the instructions! The mixing wand is good enough to apply the mixture to brows, but for lashes it's like trying to put on mascara with a toothpick!
    I get this in my eyes about every 2nd time I use it! I always wet a face washer before I do my lashes - just in case. By god it stings, but it's designed for use around the eyes, so I'm not too bothered. The effects look more noticeable outdoors. When you're in full sun, the tips of your lashes look translucent without dye, so it's a good option if you're going camping.
    Great review!

    1. Oh wow I'm definitely going to try out mixing for longer next time then! I think it would definitely make a bigger difference on my brows although Im a little scared to dye them haha, thanks so much for the feedback!

  2. Great review, hun! I've considered dying my lashes, but I already have black lashes, I'm more after length, but really don't want to get lash extension, either. I think I'll just have to stick to mascara, lol.

    1. Haha thanks lovely, I know what you mean- ill be sticking to mascara too I think! x