Friday, 27 February 2015

February Empties

Woohoo February is nearly done and dusted, I hated February, bring on bigger and better things in March. Here's everything I got through this month.

1. Veet Finishing Wipes: These came with the Veet electrical wax kit and I was not impressed, first of all I needed to use all four of the wipes after only waxing half a leg, they were too thin and tore while trying to remove the wax residue.

2. Simple Cleansing Wipes: Great at removing makeup and I'm sad that I have run out as I am on a spending ban. Will definitely repurchase when It's over.

3. Jericho Eye Gel: This sample lasted forever and yet I didn't see any difference whilst using it, the gel texture was refreshing and I like the 'mineral sea' ingredients. Although In general I don't think eye creams make much of a difference for me.

4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen: Absolutely love this sunscreen, doesn't give you that greasy oily feeling and a little goes a long way.

5. Vagisil Wipes: I use these for cleaning my makeup desk, this was the last wipe I had to use and now that I have used them all I actually find myself wanting to buy more as they wiped grime off my makeup table quite well.

6. Tresseme Moisture Rich conditioner: HOLYYY I actually finished up this bottle of conditioner, its a miracle. I liked it but I got over it, Im still only half way through the shampoo bottle, sigh.

7. John Frieda Full Repair conditioner: I took this away with me to Bali as It was a great travel size. I enjoyed using it and I'm glad I have a few more small bottles of it to use up.

The next few items aren't technically 'empties' but I had a little bit of a clean out and these had to go.

8. ModelCo Lipgloss: I actually didn't mind this gloss, just the stupid packaging that made it leak everywhere and leave things sticky made it impossible to love.

9. Hopeless Tweezers: Hopeless, simply hopeless.

10. Orly Nailpolish: This is the first nail polish I ever remember owning and I'm pretty sure it used to be my mums, It's super separated and time to hit the bin.

11. Cinderella lip gloss: I'm a huge disney fan and I often receive some interesting birthday and christmas gifts, this is one of them that I just wont use.

12. Hoola Brush: This brush came with the Benefit Hoola bronzer, I don't find that there's anything wrong with it, I just never use it so it just sits there taking up space.

13. Amuse Foundation Stick: This was like $1 and it's just way too orange and gross, the formula isn't actually too bad for an extremely affordable foundation I'll just never use it.

Thats everything I got through this month, are you overdue for a little bit of a clean out like I was? Let me know!

Monique xx


  1. You did well using up these products in Feb. I can't believe tomorrow is March, already!!

    1. Thanks lovely! I know its crazy how fast this year is going!!

  2. Hahaha Hopeless Tweezers, we've all owned a pair of them at some stage.

    1. Haha I think I have another 2 pairs of them that I need to chuck!

  3. I'm in the midst of a clean out. Good job getting through it!

  4. Great clean out! I have a few of those massive Tresemme bottles to get through too. They are massive and take forever!!! Nice to use, but I have to switch every other wash or I get insanly bored! lol

    1. Thankyou!! And yes I know what you mean lol Ill probably throw a party when I use up the shampoo haha

  5. Haha I used my those vagisil wipes to clean my desk as well!