Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Anniversary weekend in Broadbeach

Sorry for being a bit MIA in blog land over the past few days, I was partying in Broadbeach celebrating  me and my partners two year anniversary. I wanted to share some fun pictures and stories from our mini holiday!

We left early Sunday morning and first stop was movie world! My hair was looking super frazzled from roller coasters but there was no way I was missing out on a photo with Tweety! (even If I had to wait in line with a bunch of three year olds).

We then drove to Broadbeach which is where we were staying for 2 nights, we booked a room at the Savannah hotel which was right in the heart of Broadbeach. We had a spa bath in our room and free buffet breakfast was included - lets just say we ate our body weight in hash browns! My partner Ryan stood up to fast when trying to fix the TV and blacked out! Poor thing hit his head and shoulder really  hard on the ground, and somehow his socks fell off in the process haha. After making sure he was okay we went and hit up the shops.

Poor thing! haha
To celebrate our anniversary we got dressed up that night and went out to the Jupiter's Casino, but of course I had to take multiple photos first!

Sadly neither of us won any money at the casino, at one point I was up $10 but then I got excited and gambled it, ohwell! We then had dinner at food fantasy and yep it really lived up to the name. I was of course most excited about the dessert table, sadly I could only eat less than half of what I put on my plate.

After hitting up the cinema to see The Fault in our Stars (so sad btw) on Tuesday I finished off the weekend by getting a new tattoo, which I will probably put into an upcoming post sometime soon. And that was the end of our mini holiday, I wish we could've stayed longer but I have an exciting job interview tomorrow that hopefully goes well! Thanks for reading,

Monique xx


  1. Congrats on your anniversary, Monique, you guys are a cute couple!

    Love the dress/hair/makeup for your anniversary dinner, you looked incredible!

  2. Well, didn't you look like a glamour queen! Glad to hear that you had a lovely time. I am drooling over the desserts, yummmmm

    1. You're too kind Indie, thank you! And yes my waist line is definitely paying for those desserts now haha x