Monday, 29 September 2014

September Empties

It's that time of the month where I collect up all my beauty rubbish and talk about what I was able to use up! Funnily enough I'm finding myself using the things I need (deodorant, hair dye etc) and not enough of the products that have multiple backups (body/face lotions, conditioner and perfumes). Oh well, at least I'm getting through of some of them!

1. Nivea Stress Protect Deodorant: I used up two of these samples (yes I smell okay) and I found that they just weren't strong enough for me. I found myself having to reapply after a few hours and thats just not ideal for everyday.

2. Kmart Makeup Remover Pads: Love these pads, they're $2 for a pack of 200, they remove makeup and nail polish well without falling apart as soon as they come into contact with liquids.

3. Ardell Lahes: I forget which style these lashes were in but I really loved them, they were super easy to apply and gave me the volume I desire. Sadly they have been used one too many times and its time to hit the bin.

4. Catalinageo Mascara: This is the second time I have finished up this mascara (I received the original plus a refill from a subscription box) and to be honest I'm not going to miss it now its gone. An alright mascara for everyday, it just didn't give me the volume that I like my lashes to have.

5. Goldwell Rich Repair Shampoo and Conditioner: I would repurchase this shampoo and conditioner purely on the gorgeous scent alone. I didn't notice much difference in the damage of my hair but that being said I did only use a small sample. 

6. Loreal Paris Preference P01 Metallic Silver Blonde: I used the exact same hair dye back in June and I wasn't a fan of it at all. While it developed it turned my hair a slight greyish colour, which freaked me out so I washed it out earlier than the recommend dye time. This resulted in my roots not being lifted at all. This time I persisted and kept the dye on despite turning grey and thankfully it turned out better, my root colour was lifted so I'm a happy chappy.

7. Neotrogena Hydro Boost: I liked testing out this product, it didn't make me break out and has a slight cooling sensation when you first apply it. I wouldn't repurchase it though as I just have so many face creams to use up.

8. Seacret Products: I had a bit of a pamper session at a lovely ladies house named Karren a few weeks ago trying out some Seacret products. She gave me some samples to take home and I finished up the Salt and Oil Scrub as well as the Ocean Mist body butter. Funnily enough while I was walking through the shops one day I was handed a sample of the Seacret hand cream which I finished up too. They were all really lovely products that contain amazing ingredients from the dead sea. If you have wanted to try the Seacret brand but without the high price tag make sure you check out Karren's Facebook page, there is some awesome before and after shots on there!

Well thats everything I managed to get through in September, I'm really excited for October to begin! Let me know if you were able to get through some of your beauty stash this month.

Monique xx


  1. Isn't it frustrating when you see your all your empties and think, yeah I did good this month!! :D And then you turn around and look at your stock pike of products half used, un opened and still eagerly awaiting their turn and think,!

    1. Yes!! Haha and especially considering I went shopping in Priceline this morning, uh oh.

  2. I might give the kmart pads a try! I'm using the Nivea deodorant at the moment and am really liking it, but haven't tried it while doing something strenuous.
    Awesome post! x

    1. Thanks lovely! Yes the kmart pads are a steal!! :) x